10:30am Juniors | 12pm Adults

The Events

Race Times

Juniors race will start at 10:30

Adults race will start at 12

Age Requirements

Any number of people can be in a team but only two will take part in the timed challenges. In the case of the Children’s Team both competitors must be between 8 and 15 years of age by the day of the race.

Adult team members are 16 years and above


All soap boxes must be available at the race between 9am and 10am for registration and scrutineering.

The Driver

Soap box must have only one driver and no other people on board for each run.

Time Trials

One time trial will be permitted on the course on the day of the race.

Each vehicle will be allowed at least two timed runs on the course.

Teams will be allocated a start number before the event and must be ready to begin their timed run when called by the Start Marshal. Any undue delay may result in that run being voided.

Each vehicle will start from behind a marked start line, and will be timed from the start signal to when the front of the soap box crosses the finish line. Running push starts are not permitted.

The soap box will proceed down the course when signalled to start, and the timer will stop when the soap box crosses the finish line. Any penalties, such as false starts and slalom cone.


Soap box can be scrutinised two weeks before the event by prior arrangement or on the morning of the event.

Soap box must, in the opinion of the scrutineers, be safe, soundly made and robust enough to compete up to three times. It must not pose an unreasonable threat to the driver, other team members, event officials, members or the public, any property or animals in the vicinity.

Vehicles that the scrutineers believe to be safe and fit to take part but which do not meet all of the construction criteria will, at the scrutineers’ discretion, be allowed to take part but will only be eligible for the non-race prize(s).

a. Visual inspection for the safe appearance of the race equipment and its parts.

b. Visual inspection of personal safety equipment.

Passing technical inspection does not deem equipment to be safe or free from defects.

Emergency Medical

A Physician, Paramedic, or Qualified Medical Attendant and first aid kit, shall be present during the entire racing event.

Protective Barriers

No person, race official or others shall be permitted on the racing surface at any time during a green flag race condition. Straw bales or better shall be situated down the race track for the protection of public.


GREEN: Go, course is clear and open.

RED: STOP IMMEDIATELY and do not ride any further.

The scrutineers’ decision is final.

hits, will be signalled to the Timekeeper and added on to the time for the run to produce the final time for the run.

A false start is where the soap box crosses the start line before the start signal is given.

The driver must be in the soap box when it crosses both the start and the finish line.

The driver of the soap box must not intentionally touch the ground or get out of the soap box during the run, excepting if the soap box has come to a complete stop. If the soap box has come to a complete stop, the driver may get out of the soap box and/or touch the ground only for the purpose of getting the soap box moving in the right direction again.

In the event of the soap box coming to a stop because of an accident, the run may not be restarted until a marshal has confirmed that the driver is fit to continue.

Soap box drivers will stop their carts as quickly as is safe if any race official gives them a stop signal. Failure to do so will result in immediate disqualification, and all previous runs will be deemed void.

Children soap box run starts at 10.30am sharp on the day. Each team has at least two timed runs using one or both drivers and the best time will count.

Adult soap box run starts at 12.30pm on the day. Each team has at least two timed runs using one or both drivers and the best time will count.

The Course

The course runs down Windmill Hill 

The course will be laid out on the morning of the time trials. It will include several features to test the skill of the driver and the handling of the soap box.

The course will be no less than 4 feet wide at its narrowest.

The Children’s Run is half the distance of the Adult Run.

Soap Modifications

The soap boxes may be repaired and adjusted but it may not be significantly modified after it has passed scrutineering.

Parts may be replaced on a like-for-like basis, but no parts may be added to or removed from the soap box.

Soap boxes may be inspected at any time to ensure continued compliance with the rules throughout the event.


Certain rule infringements will incur time penalties, which will be added to the overall time for the run in which the rule infringement occurred.

The following penalties are defined;

Infringement Penalty (seconds)

False start: 2 

Hit slalom cone: 1

Sporting Rules (Applicable to all classes)

Competition numbers of A5 size or larger must be displayed on the front, rear and both sides of the vehicle for the duration of the competition.

If any driver fails to comply with a marshal’s safety signal, all members of his/her team will be eliminated from all classes of the event.

Safety Equipment


Hard shell is required. Helmets must be full-face design with a shatterproof shield or goggles. The helmet must be worn to the manufactures recommendations. The helmet strap must be worn tight and secure as designed. NO EXCEPTIONS! No snap on chin guards. No modifications allowed except to face shield. Certified helmets designed for motorcycle or motor sports use are recommended.


Racers must wear full fingered, leather and/or Kevlar gloves. Any gloves constructed of rubber, nylon, cotton, etc. must be worn over approved gloves.


Shoes must be in good condition and be laced buckled or secured as designed. The ankles must be protected against abrasion injuries. High top shoes are recommended.

Elbow and Knee Pads

Protective padding for the knees and elbows is recommended but not mandatory.

Design & Build