Soap Box Build


These Rules and Regulations apply to all entries. They have been designed for your safety and the safety of others around you, based on best practice and common sense.

We’re here for fun, but the soap boxes MUST be strong, safe, and stable and have effective brakes and sound steering. These rules enable us to run the event effectively for the maximum benefit of all – please ensure you read them carefully and comply with the details. Thank You!

Soap boxes will be given the opportunity of at least two runs plus a trail run and will set off singly at intervals, electronically timed.

Construction Rules

Dimensions & Weight

Maximum overall length – 2500mm

Maximum overall width – 1500mm


Soap Box must be designed to have three or four load bearing wheels.

Driving Position

The driver must be seated and forward facing.


Brightly coloured soap boxes, sponsorship and advertising are encouraged. We also appreciate it if the team name is painted onto the soap box.

Gravity propulsion only – i.e. no motors, no pedals, no stored potential energy and no pushing from the start.

No loose weights will be allowed inside or outside the soap box.

Soap box must have an effective steering system with adequate turning ability for the course lay out. In our opinion this is the most important part of the soap box design!!

Soap box must have an effective braking system. The brakes must be capable of holding the vehicle on the hill, when laden with a driver.

It must not be possible for any part of the driver’s body to become trapped in moving parts of the vehicle (i.e. wheels, steering assembly, etc).

Soap box must have no loose parts or sharp edges.

No glass or other materials that would shatter or cause injuries to drivers and spectators in the event of a crash can be used in the construction of the vehicle.

Any steering column, brake lever or other protrusion must be designed and fitted such that puncture injuries cannot happen.

Bodywork and controls must not impede the driver in exiting the vehicle unaided. Any doors or hatches required for driver access must be readily operated from both inside and outside the vehicle without the use of tools.

Tow eyes to be fitted to front and back of soap box so that organisers can pull soap boxes up the hill at the end of each run.

All members of the team will be required to sign a disclaimer as part of the entry form and these will be checked to ensure all team members present on the race day have signed.